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Migration to BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10

Multi-OS Management

Mobile Device Management 

Administrators can easily ensure that all managed devices can meet organizational IT policy requirements. Different levels of management and security are available to fit your organizational and regulatory needs.


Mobile Email Management

Securing Email & PIM data at rest and transit, Always-On connection, Email settings and controls and Email profiles.


Mobile Application Management 

BES10 includes robust Application Management that delivers both mandatory and optional applications to end users. Manage applications across device platforms, whether they are custom apps or available from the app storefronts like the Apple App Store, BlackBerry World or Google Play.


Mobile Security Management 

Organizations have the flexibility to deploy the level of security that best suits their needs. Use your existing VPN or move up to a cross platform container solution securing corporate data through the trusted power of the BlackBerry Secure Infrastructure.

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1. Choose which EMM level you require to manage users

Silver level EMM for iOS, Android and BlackBerry 12:

Delivers a wide range of settings and controls, some of which are device OS specific. But across all supported device platforms, some of the key settings and controls include:

• Full device lock

• Full device wipe

• Full device reset password

• Unlock device

• BlackBerry Balance Technology enabled for BlackBerry 10 devices


Gold level EMM for iOS and Android devices:

Secure Work Space for iOS and Android

Secure Work Space is a containerization, application-wrapping and secure connectivity option that delivers a higher level of control and security to iOS® and Android™ devices, all managed through the single BES10 administration console.


Gold level EMM for BlackBerry 12 devices:

Designed specifically for government, secure and regulated environments, when a BlackBerry 10 device is managed through BES12 with the Gold level EMM option, organizations have the option to deploy a corporate-only use model whereby device features and capabilities including social media feeds and public application access are turned off. Alternatively, a Personal Space can be enabled on the device through BlackBerry® Balance™, which allows users to make the most of their device for personal use whilst the enterprise retains granular controls over the device and all work related content is fully protected within the Work Space.

2. Let Mobileguy download and install BES12 correctly with minimal downtime.

14 years proven installation services:

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2. Purchase additional licensesfor managing your BlackBerry,iOS or Android smartphones.

Silver or Gold EMM Perpetual Licenses:

Silver Level EMM or Gold Level EMM BlackBerry licenses and Secure Work Space licenses can be purchased directly through our website using a Paypal method or Debit/ Credit Card. Once you have decided the level, click the relevant link below to be redirected to the correct ordering page.

3. Ensure your business is covered with world class Enterprise Support.

Get Covered by the specialists

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Migration to BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 Multi-OS Management.