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Mobile devices have evolved faster than any other technology in human history. In fact there is over 5 billion mobile phones in use today worldwide, & of these, 1.08 billion are smart devices.


It is no wonder why mobile training has become an integral part of doing business. Let us help you stay current, work smarter, and get the best out of your mobile technology.


Whether deploying, managing or supporting a secure Enterprise Mobile Solution, KTS Global will be with you every step of the way, our dedicated professionals will focus on what is important to your business.


In-depth assessments of your current mobile infrastructure, whilst offering new strategies to help build a more secure mobile environment.


Mobile communication is the evolution of Information and Technology. Mobile devices will soon become the backbone of corporate infrastructure and how we relate our business on a day to day basis.


Deploy your applications, manage accessibility to resources and define behavior & security of your devices with BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10.

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